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在大師房屋成立二十周年之間服務過案件社區有不少是外籍商務人士在台工作住所。 對於租賃使用的屋主在持有期間最困擾的不外是如何找到優質外籍商務人士租客,如何維持高品質屋況持續租賃經營。於是成立一個可長期社區駐點,提供外籍商務人士租賃服務的團隊 ---大師國際商務公寓(大師國際管理顧問股份有限公司) 順應市場需要誕生了。 瞭解詳情

About MISR International Serviced Residences At the beginning ---

Since Master Real Estate found and running service during last 20 years, lots of elegant residences accommodate aliens and family who work and live in Taiwan. For those landlords who rent that concern how to find quality tenants and how to keep the property in good condition; that is why Master Group build up a whole new service team in serviced residences, provide the desired service for long term business travelers from overseas who live in Taipei metro. 瞭解詳情